5 Tips for Adopting a Pitbull Mastiff Mix

Known to kennel and canine organizations as the American Bandogge and the American Masti-Bull, the Pitbull Mastiff mix is an interesting cross between the Pitbull and Mastiff breeds. Known for their guard dog instincts and loving nature, this mixed breed is loved and feared by the public alike.

  1. Is it a good idea to own a temperamental dog?

People tend to fear what they do not understand and raising a dog that is a cross between the recently unpopular Pitbull and the ferocious looking Mastiff will undoubtedly cause alarm in some. However, you have to realize that no matter the breed, size or general temperament of a canine, it can all be controlled through proper training and attention. The same way you can nurture and instill good values in a child, you can do the same with your dog. There is no reason why you should worry about owning a temperamental dog if you start training it as a puppy. Your dog will undoubtedly grow to be an obedient, loving and loyal companion. There is nothing wrong with being the master of a dog who has a wonderfully strong personality and who will do anything it can to protect and love you.

  1. What will my hybrid look like?

The Bandogge boasts a strong and stout body shape. Its musculature is very prominent and you can see that it has a very angular and athletic body. Depending on your dog’s parents, the color of its coat will vary considerably. You could get a white, black, red or brown dog and at times, even a combination of them all. No matter what color the dog is, there is no denying that it will be a heavy and rather large dog. Pitbull Mastiff mixes tend to weigh between 100 to 140 pounds and stand at between 25 to 29 inches. Although the females tend to be smaller and lighter, you can count on them to be relatively tall and heavily built.

  1. Will my dog take on a Pitbull or Mastiff personality?

Like all mixed breed dogs, your Bandogge will inherit traits from both its parents. There is no denying that it will be a very clever dog. Their high energy levels will make them the perfect pets for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Not just that, it displays excellent leadership qualities so it is best if you do not have any other pets in the house if you are adopting a fully grown Bandogge. This is not too much of a concern if you are welcoming a puppy into your home as they will fall into line as you train them. Their protective nature makes them the perfect addition to the family and a great guard dog.   Just remember that you have to display a dominant personality over your pet in order for it to respect you and be obedient. Intruders will have plenty of fear whereas those close to it will find that it to be the most loving and attention seeking bundle of joy to ever walk through your doors.

  1. Will my dog have health problems because of its mixed breed?

There is no reason for your dog to suffer from additional health problems just because of its mixed breed heritage. However, keep in mind that because it is a large dog, it may suffer from illnesses prevalent in dogs of a similar size. Examples include hip dysplasia, tumors, bloating and the occasional skin disease. Tumors and hip issues can be taken care of through surgery and as for bloating and skin irritation, it all comes down to what you feed your dog. It is recommended that instead of feeding it processed kibble and canned food, opt to feed your pet raw and fresh food instead. Speak to your vet about mapping out a healthy meal plan for your beloved canine. If you feed your dog the proper food and dedicate plenty of time for exercise, there is no reason why your Bandogge won’t live for over a decade.

  1. Will I be able to dedicate enough time to raising it?

Owning a Bandogge is just like owning any other dog. You must be able to offer it enough attention and exercise time. These are strong and very energetic dogs so you have to be sure that you take it for runs, walks and outdoor playtime on a daily basis. It is totally fine if you live in an apartment but you must offer your dog fresh air, sunshine and outdoor time. Even spending time on a balcony or small yard will greatly help positively develop your dog’s temperament and overall behavior. Besides taking it out on a daily basis, you have to dedicate plenty of time to training it as a puppy and spending time with it everyday. Do not leave for long periods at a time as this mixed breed will have problems with separation which may cause anxiety and stress. This is why this dog thrives in a family environment where there is usually always someone around to shower it with attention and dedicate time to play with it.

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